Claudia’s 30th at Saddle Peak

July 16, 2021

With all of the pandemic craziness and settling into my marriage with a new home, I’ve missed a good ‘ol girls’ glam getaway… and none can prep a more kick ass one and 30th birthday than my dear maid of honor, Claudia O. It blows my mind that we’ve been friends for 11+ years going back from USC Arch, to clubbing in Ageha in Tokyo 5ish years ago, convincing me to do 6AM yoga and hikes at Griffith…. and then she’s invited me half a year ago-ish to her 30th,…and fast forward – I just left her 30th after 24ish hours of design paradise. Note: I’m veryyyy rusty in writing.

After spending a few days making this 3-layer chocolate cake, Suranga picked me up, blasted his AC, and carefully wiggled our way up to this incredible home, the Saddle Peak House.  I didn’t know much about it, but we were immediately welcomed in by Claudia and her equally? badass mom with glasses of champagne (them being the classy women they are) and resumed with a house tour. As hot as it was (being that much closer to the blazing sun and practically only being protected by glass), this Saddle Peak House reminded me of a modern version of the Stahl house, which Claudia also accompanied me to back then. (see: Reminiscent L-shaped floor plan, surrounded by glass and an infinity pool overlooking a hill.

Surely, walking through this gorgeous home made me miss working in architectural and interior design work but damn, having to pull open or slide out the awkwardly heavy doors was such a shame and I’m at the fence about those decisions being made .

Speaking of drawings and architect-ey things, did you know that Claudia does some kickass sketches? Also, speaking of architect-ey things which is reminding me about late nights, did you know  we clubbed at Ageha until 6AM? (I’m a terrible dancer and generally don’t like clubbing, but loved [and prob will still love] clubbing in Tokyo; we were too cheap to take a taxi so we waited for the first train while I fell asleep on an onigiri and I don’t think I’m physically fit to do that kind of allnighter activity anymore unless jet-lagged)

Anyway, more photos of the stunning home and a few photos of my MOH a.k.a. the coolest woman in the world: Claudia O. There’s no other woman who’s symbolizes cuteness, beauty, class, wisdom and a favorite friend I could talk almost anything about with and love hanging out with – even if it means I have to sacrifice a night of cat allergies.