March 3, 2016

My friend Joe and I spontaneously went on this quick caffeine run in search for our favorite coffee shops. (My heart is still mourning over the loss of Omotesando Koffee) Joe works just down the street in my neighborhood and like me, is a caffeine/coffee addict. What’s more dangerous than bar hopping… is two ecstatic Americans coffee bar hopping on a Sunday afternoon. Shots, shots, shots. baby.

Our first stop was About Life Coffee Brewers. This tiny kiosk, tucked on the corner between a Family Mart and Sake Stand, requires a grueling 10 minute walk uphill from Shibuya station. (Ladies in heels, figure out a route to avert this  – or just assure yourself that the glory of caffeine at the top of the hill is worth every burn up the thighs)

About Life Coffee Brewers focuses on local products and brewing quality coffee, with their slogan “from seed to cup.” Atsushi Sakao, director of Onibus Coffee, further envisioned About Life to encourage individuals and communities to live and lead healthier lifestyles; hence, this hipster bike gracefully suspended against the wall.

While ordering our lattes from this seemingly, racist menu, we also laughed at the inappropriate sexual graphics at the glass door.

Just touch the door, ever so gently.

After finishing our lattes, (which were unfortunately too lukewarm and light, because I got carried away photographing), we dashed another 1.6 km to our next stop in Daikanyama: Lab Labar. Lab Labar is an actual coffee shop with indoor (minimal) seating. Although the seating configuration sucked, cashier/barista took much longer to brew my coffee (because they measured everything “to perfection” …and mistakenly put my macchiato in a paper cup…. this drink was significantly stronger and smoother than my latte at About Life.

Oh, and by the way- Lab Labar is connected to Greeniche, an interior design shop of gorgeous Scandinavian furniture and crafts. Dangerous…. Dangerous. I am so relieved that I didn’t have enough cash to buy a chair, but that I had Joe talking to me to keep me preoccupied and happy.

This loyal cup was particularly worth every minute of waiting. Next up on my list: Sarutahiko Coffee and Little Nap Coffee Stand!