April 6, 2018

My USC girlfriend Andi invited me over to photograph and check out one of NYC’s newest museums created by “real spies” and  her own firm.  Spyscape is the newly opened NYC  exclusive “spy museum” and the only interactive museum I’ve been to aside from  the Museum of Ice Cream and the Discovery Science Center back when I was a kid.

I particularly loved how this museum made me feel like a complete badass by identifying myself as a spy. It’s  enjoyable for visitors of all ages with replica enigma and interactive exhibits of which  you have to dodge as many lasers to get that high score. The staff were friendly and accommodating enough to give us a quick run through and adjusted some exhibits for us like this really fun/scary/cool laser one before the museum opened to public. Hell no, I couldn’t have gotten a high score in this game if we wanted to take photos.

These guy fawkes masks were the creepiest but coolest exhibition I’ve ever seen in a while. I hadn’t known much about it, but learned that they were made famous from the 2006 V for Vendetta film and are a historical emblem of anti-establishment protest groups.  I still haven’t seen V for Vendetta, but the movie has certainly upped my list of “movies to watch” that I’ve been checking off. Also, this mask which consists of a creepy pointy nose, oversized smile, and wide mustache that’s upturned on both sides, is a well known symbol of the hacktivist group called Anonymous.

Will I be back? Probably yes, especially to kick other ass.

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