Oh, happy 2020. Last winter, O and I had the pleasure to stay at the legendary Skywalker Ranch. Because O’s mom was teaching George Lucas’s daughter horse riding + Chinese classes…. we were able to enjoy such a unique opportunity with O’s family. Who knows how to polo and speak Chinese and English well in the westside? Mama Yang obviously. So. badass.

For that holiday, we stayed at one of the bed and breakfast inns. I usually don’t really like rustic interiors, but I’d say that the farm-like furniture with bright whites, surrounded by cool Skywalker decor made me feel like I was in a clean, cozy and kickass cabin.

Our artisanal bed and breakfast included a spacious living room, two bedrooms (one master), one spacious kitchen and dining room, and two bathrooms. Of course, the bathroom was a huge plus to me because it included a bathtub and gold finishes-perfect for reading and relaxing.

O and I’d slip out by about 6AM, eat some cereal or some breakfast in the kitchen next door, slide a Skywalker ranch bike out, and roam throughout the ranch, gardens, vineyards. Breezing through trees made me feel like I was speeding through the kickass bike chase in Endor  – but without stormtroopers. (Refer to Star Wars Episode VI, Return of the Jedi)

By the time we reached Lake Ewok, I felt like a compulsive Star Wars maniac especially when holding the stuffed Ewok toy. There was something also magical to see studio where all the magic happened and Lucas’s old Victorian residence.

Aside from the lush fields, we also played with some of the residing animals including goats, which were delightful to feed.

Oh, and did I mention that her horse was at the ranch? She wanted to keep her gorgeous quarter horse healthy and active and even gave me an opportunity to ride her horse. I’ve never been so prouder to be with my second family.

Goals for our future home. Stoked for 2020.